Debut collection of poetry and science fiction by Peter Milne Greiner. Lost City Hydrothermal Field is available now! Order direct from THE OPERATING SYSTEM or SMALL PRESS DISTRIBUTION or POWELL'S BOOKS

"What sets this collection apart from other speculative poetry, aside from its exceptional quality, is Greiner’s way of moving through time, somehow visiting both origin and culmination, the primordial and the apocalyptic, and demonstrating their interchangeability." PUBLISHERS WEEKLY.

PMG’s new essay about salvation, AI, and a visit to the Tyringham Shaker Settlement Historic District is featured in Big Echo: Critical Science Fiction. Read “On Reverence” HERE.

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LONG DISTANCE POISON’s newest record features an essay by PMG! LDP’s “Astro Topoi” is a vinyl release from UK label Deep Distance Recordings. Read about it over at HOUDINI MANSIONS.

Thanks to Joanna C. Valente for including the poem “Tristan Da Couch” from LCHF in their latest poetry roundup at BROKELYN.

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Check out the latest issue of BIG ECHO: CRITICAL SCIENCE FICTION - PMG guest edited this special speculative poetics issue, which features an interview with Andrew Joron and new work from Johannes Heldén, Joanna C. Valente, Lynne DeSilva-Johnson, Kenning JP García, Ching-In Chen, and others.